Why are you charging for BVuNiversity?

Since the inception of BVN, the Founders have personally funded all activities including land, staff expenses, website presence, contests and prizes, streaming services, special exclusive creations, and much more.  We have been truly blessed by the generosity of our presenters and contributors, as they have volunteered countless hours to support the success of this dynamic network.  The founders have personally spent upwards of 400,000L (about $1,600USD/1,400 Euro) to support this endeavor.  While we consider BVN a service and not a profit center, we cannot continue to count on the kindness of others and our own wallets alone to keep BVN afloat.  As a result, we made the decision to compensate BVuNiversity instructors for their time and efforts, take an aggressive stance on marketing efforts, pay for the land that BVuNiversity will need, and recoup some of our costs.

Author: Delicate Flower

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