BLOGGER CHALLENGE – You Can Leave Your Hat On

Each week, on Wednesday, we are going to challenge Bloggers and Vloggers across Second Life to create a themed photo based on the challenge of the week.

This week’s theme is “You Can Leave Your Hat On”!

Take a photo featuring a hat, headress, or any kind of head accessory.

Here’s what to do next:

1 – Add your photo or vlog to the newly created BVN Blogger Challenge Flickr Group

2 – Add the hashtag #BVNBloggerChallenge wherever you post your photo e.g. Flickr, Facebook, Twitter etc.

3- If you are on the BVN Discord remember to add your photo to the #challenges channel in the server too!

4- You can even leave a link to your blog featuring the challenge photo, or your Flickr post to the comments on this post.

5 – You have until Tuesday at 11.59pm slt to submit photos to the group.

Next week when we announce the next Blogger challenge we will add a random selection of photos from the challenge to the post announcing the next challenge. 


Here’s a selection of photos from last week’s Doughnut photo challenge:



No 112


Just a little snack

Focus .. On Me


Author: Kess Crystal

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