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We are thrilled to announce the formation of the Blogger and Vlogger Network (BVN), a group and website built specifically for networking and education purposes. BVN strives to provide bloggers and vloggers with the most pertinent, up-to-date, and interactive information available. Live discussion panels, interactive forums and tutorials on Second Life photography, windlight settings, photoshop, website maintenance, transitioning into vlogging, syndication, etiquette and much more are already scheduled. BVN will also host blogger contests, games, and memes designed to maximize the exposure to your presence and to your website. We offer all of this in a truly active community of like-minded bloggers and vloggers, all completely free as a service to the Second Life community. Keep up to date with the newest, latest, and greatest by following us at BVNsl.com, and join our in-world group to be informed of all our exciting developments as they become available.

BVN is a service provided by blogger, public relations and marketing expert Kess Crystal, Penumbra and ECLIPSE owner Trouble Dethly, and Delicate T. Flower of Seraphim. BVN brings over – 23 – years of combined experience to you working within and alongside the Second Life blogging and vlogging community.


Author: Delicate Flower

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