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When inspiration hits, it is time to get blogging and vlogging!  Our chat moderators and group members provide exceptional resources.  The Blogger and Vlogger in-world group is completely free, and is open to all bloggers and vloggers regardless of experience.  If you’re just starting out and could use a little support, or if you’re a seasoned blogger that is looking for that perfect hairstyle, the BVN group is for you.  Join today and begin receiving the benefits of a group intended to support individual bloggers and vloggers, while contributing to the growth of the entire blogging and vlogging community.

To join our in-world group, please copy the following into your local chat window and click the link that appears


Other Valuable Resources

When looking up information about what specific events are occurring, where they are located, or to see a gallery of what designers are selling at the events, SeraphimSL.com is the go-to resource for all your needs.  In-world, Seraphim has a HUD that is available (and completely free) that teleports you directly to the event of your choosing,

  • Click HERE to access the Seraphim website
  • Click HERE to get your free Seraphim HUD


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